Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Noble Horse

I just wanted to have this picture on my blog because it really speaks to me and makes me feel great. I have no idea whose picture it is but I would love to know. I have a Friesian mare and they are just as kind and sweet as is portrayed in this picture. I have only had my horse for five months so we haven't yet reached this stage of communication but I know we will. Frisona, my mare, gives me the push I need everyday to get  going, think positive and be happy, enjoying every day as it comes. I love Friesians. Thank you, Diego Mañas Romera, for donating her to me so I may ride and do my therapy here at home.

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Student for Animo

This was Rebecka's last day. She has been staying with us for ten weeks as part of a university Erasmus program from Sweden program. She has learnt a lot about horses, including Frisona (pictured). Two of her teachers, with their backs to the picture, are José Manuel and Barbara. Elsewhere, she has had lessons from Loli, Tish, Hazel and a star turn from Esteban Flores from Cuevas, who taught her to drive a horse-drawn carriage. Rebecka has also taken classes in Catalonia and will return to her town in the 'frozen north' with new knowledge.
We hope she comes back to see us next year!