Thursday, February 16, 2006


In some cases a helmet is worn but this is not required in back-riding. In Spain a helmet is not required for any riding, however all our students wore helmets unless there was a medical reason not to. For example a shunt that would be damaged by the helmet or pressure on part of the brain so that the Doctor advised not to use one. The boy in this picture has no control of his head and upper torso so the back-rider maintains the proper position and helps him follow the instructions of the physiotherapist gaining maximum benefit from his sessions.

This student was with us for about five years. In this time, his muscle-tone improved greatly as did the working of his digestive system, allowing him to take fewer drugs. His sheer joy while on the horse was well worth it, plus usually after class, we took him on a short ride in the country. At the end of each session, we turned him on his stomach over the horse and walked around for about three minutes to help remove the fluid from his lungs. Depending on the student’s abilities, the lessons can begin with just five minutes and increase as the student develops more stamina and flexibility. Most lessons will last about 45 minutes.


hplauze said...

Well I just got back from the gym and I am beat. I am currently doing some research on career in massage therapy and stumbled across your blog. Which cracks me up really. The internet can certainly land you off base sometimes. Even though your blog is not completely related I think it is a cool blog. I have read back through the archives and lots of people make some very good points. Well I have been on-line forever it seems. I need to continue to plug away at career in massage therapy. If you have the energy swing by I try to update my site weekly and maybe you will see something you like. I already snagged your URL and put it in my favorites. If you do not mind I will be back again. Great job!

Barbara said...

Hi Hplauze, thanks for dropping by.

jaja said...

It is sad to see how litttle people realy care about helping others.
I love how much animals can do for you. I have assisted in training dog and horses for animo and would continue doing it if the opportunitie came around. it is incredible to see how much more accepted people with disabilities are when acompanied by an animal.

Albert said...

I hope you didn't die! Maybe you just got bored with your blog, it can happen. Anyway please take a look at my other comments. I think your the right one to read it! Stay Well nice lady. Albert.