Friday, October 13, 2006

Notes on Riding Therapy

Horse therapy for depression, stress, anxiety and menopausal problems. This is an unofficial study but observation I have made over many years with myself and many other women. We all know from studies that riding improves circulation, muscle tone and massages your internal organs but I found that it also seems to help drastically when you are depressed or stressed even going through the menopause. Every time I was feeling bad my husband would say why don’t you go riding. I always felt like a new person when I did. Many other women I spoke to said they found the same results even to the point of being able to reduce medication and always slept better. I think it is time someone did an official study on this because my results from a large group of women were very impressive and worthy of a study.


Albert said...

Hi, I'm a 63 year old man living in Competa. I am trying to find a riding stable/school that can accommodate me! I have 4 frozen spinal vertibre, curvature of the spine, and a deformed arm! I just stopped riding, but am driving my 15hh Petch, mule! I intend to buy a plodding Cob from the UK in the next couple of weeks, but have never had a lesson, and am desperate for support! I do not want to give up my quality of life! Can you help? I know all the places in the Competa/Nerja area! Do you know any riding schools 'qualified' and proficient in riding for the disabled? I cannot find any on the C.D.Sol! I'm Albert at Thanks so much!

Albert said...

I hope nothing has happened to you? Seems you have not been here for 2 years, and no other way of contacting you? Be Well! Alberet.