Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How a Horse Helps Against Depression

I have decided to post this picture alone instead of including photos of the other animals that have helped me deal with my illness. I will post them on another day because they are important too. This photograph shows the emotion and joy that I get when I am around the animals and I think it has more impact, standing on its own. This is a Friesian mare called ‘Frisona’, who happens to be carrying the foal of the horse of my dreams, ‘Ero’, who is on another posting below. I have fallen in love with ‘Frisona’. The first time I rode her, it brought me to tears: it was such an emotional experience for me. She has such a wonderful disposition and it feels like you are floating when you ride her. She has a different gait from other horses, which gives more benefit in ten minutes than most horses manage in half an hour. She is very affectionate and follows you everywhere.

But, let’s go to the photograph. Animals have no prejudice and love you as you are; they take away any feeling of depression and they seem to understand when you are feeling down or have a problem and react accordingly. That’s why I can share this picture with you.

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