Friday, September 23, 2011

Therapeutic riding: Hispano Bretón

The therapeutic riding cooperative Cadí Moixeró brought two beautiful examples of Hispano Bretones to ANIMO for us to try. They meet all of the requirements you could ask for in a therapeutic horse. They are calm, willing, friendly, strong and have a body build and gait that is ideal for bareback riding and all types of therapeutic riding. Sadly, these beautiful horses are generally bred for meat because of their large build. Due to their kind and easy-going nature and broad sofa-like back they are perfect for everything from early stimulation in babies to back-riding for every type of disability. We will be doing demonstrations and courses hoping to promote the animal as a beneficial therapeutic animal. Here are a few pictures of their first day here. After a fourteen hour trailer ride all the way from the Catalonian highlands, and in a new place with people they didn't know, they performed perfectly.

There's a short piece on YouTube, prepared by Ken.

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