Friday, December 16, 2011

Horses in My Garden

Over a several year period, starting about eight years ago, when I had to spend a lot of time in the hospital, I had to find good, loving homes for all of my horses and other animals. All of my animals played a big part in ANIMO, as well as playing a large part in my life and that of my children. The loss of my animals was almost as hard as or harder than learning to live with a terrible disfigurement and a terminal disease. Since I started riding again over two years ago, thanks to the kindness of Loli Berenguel in Almería, my health has improved considerably and so has my life. After a lot of investigation, Loli and I have been able to develop a therapy that removes the side effects of medication and seems to slow down the progression of the illness. The only drawback for me was that I had to travel almost an hour each way to get to my therapy. Now thanks to my friends at Cadi Moxeroi and another participant in our therapy investigation who started out as a volunteer to take me to my riding therapy, I now have two horses at home. Now I am able to ride every day which has improved my blood analysis drastically plus my mental and physical state. Just spending time with the horses has improved my whole outlook on life and the way I live it. If it hadn’t of been for the encouragement of my husband, children and a few special friends, I probably wouldn’t have been here today to write this. Now I have so much to look forward to every day and I am living every day as fully as possibly.
The photograph was taken a few days ago, just before Christmas, in my garden.

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