Monday, July 23, 2012

Alternate Medicine: No Friend to Big Pharma

In the 1930’s, Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering how oxygen can destroy cancer cells.  Decades ago a twenty-year study was made on how two Chirimoyas (custard apples) a day are much more effective than chemotherapy and radiation combined at fighting cancer. I just saw a study on a similar basis that lemon juice with a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda every morning is also way more effective at killing cancer cells than chemotherapy. Fasting, under medical supervision, has also proven to be very successful at killing diseased cells; I even had a friend who went through this treatment in San Diego, to fight Leukaemia, after the doctors had given up and all treatments had been tried. It was very successful.  All of these studies are very interesting and many more are out there so why don’t people care about these studies? Why don’t we hear about them? Mostly because there is no money in oxygen, anyone can grow a chirimoya tree on their terrace, fasting is available to all and lemons are everywhere. If I can Google the information and Nobel prizes were awarded then the medical community must be fully aware of these alternative treatments. I think until the pharmaceutical companies can find a way to package these treatments they are going to stay swept under the carpet.

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