Thursday, February 09, 2012

Animo Meeting

Barbara gave a talk today about animal assisted therapy to a group from the Club Taurino de Mojácar at the Bar La Finca.
Her talk touched on two different points - her own experiences and medical problems together with her remedies plus the larger subject of what Animo is now doing.
Animo, as Animo-Albero, currently meets every Sunday in Almería at the Centro Ecuestre Albero where a group of professionals help disabled children with hippotherapy using techniques pioneered in Spain by Barbara over twenty five years ago.
Today's talk was aimed at informing the local Mojácar public about the activities of the national association as well as offering membership in Animo and - as always with charities - collecting much-needed funds.

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We have now resumed Animo and are looking – as charities do – for your support. Become a member of Animo for 20 euros a year and receive an Animo Card and regular updates, photos and news of our activities.

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