Monday, February 20, 2012

Cookie (Not Pattie)

This is a picture of Cookie, a Hispano Breton mare, used as a brood mare in the Pyrenees to breed foals for the equivalent of veal horse meat. When they get older and are unable to breed they are used – as often as not – for dog food. This fabulous horse was bought and saved by the Center for Equine Therapy Cadí Moixeró for the modest price of one euro a kilo. Beth and Trini of Cadí Moixeró have been so convinced of the incredible therapeutic value of these horses that they gave one to me for both my therapy and that of many others and to promote the use of these fine animals for therapy instead of meat. Horse meat is very popular in France and many other countries and these cold blooded horses have the most meat on their bones which also makes them the perfect therapy horse. Because of their size, strength and good nature they are suitable for just about any type of therapeutic riding. Cookie has finished her training and is now helping children with severe Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and a host of other special needs. They can carry a tremendous weight yet they are not so tall as to prohibit the use of side walkers and back riders which are so important when dealing with wheelchair-bound people, who tend to be heavy and need assistance in order to participate in hippotherapy. Their loving, gentle nature makes them ideal for people who are afraid of horses, those who may have psychological problems and for activities to stimulate eye/hand coordination and other sensorial activities.

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