Sunday, January 09, 2011

Hospital Christmas

Having spent the last three weeks taking care of my mother in the hospital, I haven’t had a chance to go riding or to see my puppy. Before my mother took ill I had been riding twice a week and with no medication I got my blood levels down to within normal range except creatina, which was close to normal. In all, a complete surprise to the medics. Now that I haven’t been riding I can feel all of my levels rising. This week I will start riding twice a week and see if I can live a happy, pain-free life for a while. It was very sweet that my riding instructor (and friend) Loli and her son came to visit in the hospital and brought me a Christmas basket full of my favorite foods, which was great, as I couldn’t leave my mother alone; even to go for a coffee. I am back at home now and will continue with my investigation. I hope to be writing some fun and interesting stories in the near future so don’t think that I have given up, it is quite the opposite. I want to thank my husband for sending in my hospital bear and a cute, “come home soon, I miss you”, card. I have been waiting to hear since the beginning of September when I can go and have my operation on my eyes as they are being destroyed again be the virus. I have also asked for a nutritional supplement as it is getting harder to eat; and after several inspections and blood analyses I still haven’t heard whether I am eligible to receive them. Not very speedy service from the regional health authority! What I am able to eat is getting limited.

In the meantime I will ride and stay as healthy and positive as possible. Happy New Year to all my readers. Don’t forget, AAT works.

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