Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Odds and Ends

I have received my permission to go to Madrid for my eye operation; they will also be doing biopsies and an exploratory to see if they can find the virus. This is all very positive and the examinations will be during the first week of February, the operation soon after.
On the continuing investigation in the ANIMO-Albero therapy program, we have discovered that many of the benefits that at first we thought were short-term have become long-term, the longer I continue the program, such as heart rhythm and the disappearance of red blotches on the skin, from vasculitis.
After we just started to get grants for these types of alternative therapies, the EU will ban all types of alternative medicine, both practice and herbal, from April of this year. Anything where there is no profit to the pharmacies, FDA or the medical community. This is something I don’t understand and will have to investigate further to keep you informed.
Our manual on the Basics of Therapeutic Riding is just about ready to go to press; it is in Spanish, since there is such a demand for this information in Spanish speaking countries. The manual covers everything you should know before starting up a therapeutic riding center, including all of the forms necessary, games, exercises, how to choose the right horse, first aid and much more.
Yesterday I was too weak and felt a bit dizzy so my class didn’t go very well but I still got some benefits and I feel much better today. Never push your student if they feel tired or weak it can just do damage and even undo some of the good work already done. I am sure my next class will be better.
For any of you that have seen the YouTube videos and don’t understand them, it is just one of my sessions that I thought you might enjoy but I realized that they are very boring if you don’t understand what I am doing and why. The benefits being, better blood circulation, more lung capacity, more energy, healing of scars and removing blotches from vasculitis, more stable heart beat, lowering of levels like potassium and creatina and triglycerides, massage to the organs, improved digestion, increased appetite, lower stress levels and depression. My heart has been weakened by this virus and I can’t do anything like walking or house cleaning for more than about ten minutes without stopping for a rest but I can easily do an hour’s session on the horse and I feel more energetic. The reason for this is that the horse does all of the work and you get the benefits. This program also helps to get rid of the side effects of toxic drug treatment and so many more things. For over a year I had to go to the hospital every three weeks to drain my tear ducts and one day after riding they drained themselves and I have never had to go back to have them drained. That was a benefit I had never even considered. If you haven’t seen the videos on YouTube you can find them in the article below this one.

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