Saturday, January 22, 2011

Continuing Investigation Animo-Albero

Since we are still experimenting and learning new benefits that the horse can offer to terminally ill people and people taking toxic medication or coming off cancer treatment and especially with circulation or digestive tract problems, we are keeping careful records of the time ridden and the effect it has on health and blood analysis. We are documenting sessions with both video and written information to discover why some sessions go well and have great lasting effect and some classes do not go so well if the person is too weak. So far we have found the anaemia is the main cause for the weakness and causing a poor lesson, even though there are still many benefits gained. Never push your student if they are tired or weak. We have discovered that a good gallop on the beach or a trail-ride or a lesson in the ring, do not begin to give the same benefits as working on the lunge-line. Usually you can see an improvement in just the first five minutes, in the energy level and feeling of well-being. It is a day or so later that you see the disappearance of red blotches on the skin, improvement in healing of skin grafts and scars. It has come to the attention of the doctor that we are working with, that the ANIMO-ALBERO therapy program somehow seems to do the work for dysfunctional kidneys, eliminating the elements that the kidney is unable to do on its own, thereby also removing the painful side-effects of things like high potassium levels. It also seems to kick start the heart and put it back into normal rhythm and taking it out of an arrhythmic state. The more you ride the longer the effects last. Two to three times a week seems to be the right amount of times to ride for the optimal results and unfortunately if you go a few weeks without riding you do find some of your symptoms starting to return, but you improve immediately as soon as you start riding on a regular basis. The sessions should be between half an hour to an hour. Besides the immediate increased energy level and feeling of well-being one of the great things is the clarity of mind that it gives. When you do not feel well or are on heavy medication you tend to feel a bit confused or foggy and have a hard time concentrating but after one session your mind is totally clear. Most students feel too tired or not in the mood to make the effort to go to their therapy session but once there, they change into a new person, and are so glad that they went, so it is important that you try and encourage them to go because the benefits may save their lives or at least give them a good quality of life without pain for a little while which makes all the difference in trying to lead a normal life with a terminal illness.

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