Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Walk, Eat and Drink Trio

I am off to Madrid to see the eye surgeon about my upcoming operation and my friends Ken and Sarah have kindly offered to keep me company on the trip. They have never been to Madrid so I will be able to show them some of the real Spain, unlike the coastal tourist areas. Mojácar Pueblo used to be one of the true wonders of Spain, but every day they take down another beautiful piece of history and they build endless rabbit hutches on the beach. Madrid is full of wonders, but the best part is to just walk and try the fantastic tapas and drinks in some of the oldest bars in Spain. I think one tapa would probably do for the three of us, since between us, big meals are not the order of the day. However we are going to have a great time and I will show them places that most tourists never get to see. I would like to say here a special thanks to Ken and Sarah as they have become such close friends and have helped so much on the ANIMO-ALBERO program. Ken has done all of the photography and Sarah has done all of the lay out and documentation of our progress. They make sure that I get to Loli’s at least once a week because they have seen, first hand, the enormous benefit to my health. They had no idea what they were getting themselves in for the first time they offered to drive me to my riding therapy, but since the first session they have become ‘ANIMO Fan Nº1’. Ken has documented and made videos of my therapy sessions and they have helped with the content of my book Health Through Horses.

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